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Cornerstone Healthcare, Inc.

Providing Home Health, Hospice, and Home Care Services



Cornerstone is one of the most dynamic and progressive companies in the rapidly expanding home health, hospice, and home care industries. Affiliates of Cornerstone now operate 40 agencies across twelve Western states, and we expect this growth to continue. These agencies have no corporate headquarters or traditional management hierarchy. Instead, they operate independently with support from the “Service Center,” a world-class service team to allow on-site leaders and caregivers to focus squarely on day-to-day care and business issues in their individual agencies.

Agencies located in: Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma and Iowa


Cornerstone Service Center, Inc., based in Eagle, ID, seeks to provide world-class accounting, accounts receivable, finance, legal, risk management, HR, managed care, training, IT and other services to Cornerstone affiliated agencies.  This resource support allows local agency leaders and caregivers to focus squarely on providing exceptional care to their patients and communities. Our organization was founded around the idea of providing “life-changing service” to the communities where our agencies are located.  We believe that this is best accomplished by creating a work environment centered around the ideals of Ownership, Accountability, Celebration, Loving One Another, Intelligent Risk Taking, Passion for Learning, and the idea that “the Customer comes Second”. 


We are proud to be affiliated with The Ensign Group, Inc., an organization formed in 1999 with the goal of establishing a new level of quality care within the health care industry. The name “Ensign” is synonymous with a “flag” or a “standard,” and refers to a goal of setting the standard by which all others are measured. We share this vision and our core values with other health care providers affiliated with The Ensign Group, such as skilled nursing, assisted living, urgent care and mobile diagnostics. We all believe that through our efforts, we can achieve a new level of client care and professional competence and set a new industry standard for quality home health and hospice services. You can learn more about The Ensign Group at:



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Cornerstone Service Center
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Eagle, Idaho 83616

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Our Core Values


We love to celebrate successes and make work fun.


We strive to see and treat each other as people whose interests matter as much as our own. 


We trust your judgement. Be innovative. Be entrepreneurial.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Passion for learning

Ongoing training and innovation are part of our DNA.


In order for our patients to receive the care they deserve, we put our employees first.


We reward and support our employees who
treat their location as if they owned it.